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    14/03/2004 Barwon Heads, Australia DMAL 24 200 ?/? 12 #979716
    DropZone.com Description: The jumper was killed when her reserve and main parachutes became entangled. She was part of a 9-way formation skydive. Below are quotes from the interim report into the accident by The Australian Parachute Federation (APF)

    "When Clare activated her main parachute release at the correct altitude, she experienced a high-speed malfunction. It appears that Clare then followed correct emergency procedures by pulling the main parachute release system, followed by the reserve ripcord. Unfortunately, the main parachute did not release as it should have, and the reserve parachute became entangled with it, preventing either parachute from opening correctly."

    "The pilot chute that drags the main parachute from its pack had not been packed correctly, and was unable to develop fully. The main parachute could not escape from its deployment bag because some suspension line stowage bands were too large to allow the bag to open under the reduced pilot chute drag conditions. One of the rubber bands was too big so the bag would not open and let the parachute out."

    It appears the main parachute release mechanism did not work because it contained "non-standard fittings". The release mechanism "was not the standard one for the harness she had on".

    From the report it appears the major factors in the tragedy were "poor gear maintenance and packing".

    UPDATE - The "non-standerd fittings" refered to were reversed risers on a rig designed for regular risers.

    Clare Barnes