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    26/05/2001 Lodi, CA MED? 52 Y/?    
    Description: After docking on the 20-way, this jumper was observed to go limp and drop out of the formation, spiraling downwards out of site. The video showed that he convulsed once, and then went completely limp. His arms and legs were scribing circles as he descended, indicating total loss of consciousness. His CYPRES fired, but he may have sustained a head injury on landing in a private backyard near the DZ. In any case, he passed away during the medical helicopter flight to UC Davis Medical Center. It may have been a diabetic seizure or he may have suffered a severe heart attack -- coroner information is not currently available. He had a history of both diabetes and hypertension.
    Lessons:It seems likely this fatality is due to some medical condition. [Note: I include incidents due to existing medical conditions in the fatalities listings, even though they are not strictly skydiving-related, because it both quells any rumors about particular fatalities and also illustrates that skydiving can be stressful to particular medical conditions.]
    Name Dan Skarry