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    01/10/2000 Superior, WI CCOL 46 200 ?/?    
    Description: Little information available. It appears this jumper collided with another jumper, and then landed unconcious, without any flare. He passed away 5 days later in the hospital.
    Lessons:More information apprecaited.
    USPA Description: After a 4-way group freefall, this jumper collided with another jumper immediately after opening. The main canopies briefly entangled but separated. He was then seen under his main canopy hanging limp in the harness until landing. He was taken to a hospital and removed from life support five days later. He died soon afterward.
    USPA Conclusions:It was reported that this jumper had experienced a hard opening on the same canopy during the previous skydive. He may have been concentrating more on his opening and less on tracking far enough after breakoff following the group activities.

    It is important that every skydive include a plan for breakoff and canopy descent, regardless of the number of people in the group. Each jumper needs adequate clearance from other jumpers during deployment to allow for an off-heading opening or other problem. This becomes more important with faster-flying canopies.

    Name Dennis Comeau