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    25/11/2001 Elsinore, CA NOP,MED? 61 892 Y/Y   #56625
    Description: After a 2-way (?), this jumper took no action to pull any handles. His CYPRES activated his reserve, and he landed off the dropzone. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
    Lessons:A heart attack or stroke seems likely here.
    Description: This jumper was found dead after landing under his reserve in a used-car lot. The landing was evidently hard enough to break several bones. None of the jumper's parachute system handles had been pulled, and the AAD had apparently deployed the reserve parachute, and the AAD had apparently deployed the reserve parachute. Investigators found the reserve freebag approximately 75 yards downwind of where the jumper landed.
    Conclusions:The medical report was not provided to the USPA with the fatality report, but the evidence indicates that the jumper experienced a heart attack or other debilitating problem after he exited the airplane. The reserve freebag's landing close by points to a low reserve opening, consistent with AAD activation, but there were no witnesses to the incident to provide any further details.
    Name Gerald Helms