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    14/09/2000 Skydive Sussex, NJ BIZ,EXC 24 120 Y/?    
    Description: This incident occurred during a solo night jump from 5,000.. The reserve canopy and harness were found hanging in a tree, while the body was found the next day about one quarter to one half mile away. The CYPRES AAD had activated and deployed the reserve. The B12 leg snaps were found disconnected. It is unclear why the main was not deployed and how the jumper became separated from his gear. He was using rented gear from the DZ; it is unclear if he used that same gear during his only other jump at the DZ during the day.
    Lessons:A mystery. It somewhat seems like a suicide, but all reports indicate he was in good spirits. Perhaps he was trying to loosen the leg straps and inadvertently disconnected them -- but it seems unlikely one could accidentally disconnect both.
    Name Gianni Lattarico