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    30/06/1998 Skydive Chicago, IL MAL 21 1 Y/Y    
    Description: A first jump static line student exited one of our Cesna 182's from thestrut. During deployment the student caught the pilot chute in his left hand afterwhich the bridle wrapped around his arm. He appeared to try to clear the entanglement while still in view of the jumpmaster. The AAD (FXC) fired atapproximately 1000'.During reserve deployment the skirt of the (round) reserve canopy became entangled in the bridle which prevented it from inflating. The student was found with the bridle still wrapped around his arm. He had pulled the reserve ripcord below 1000' after the FXC had fired. Equipment failure cannot be cited as the cause of the reserve malfunction.It appears to be a one in a million fluke that has very slim odds of ever being duplicated.
    Name Gus Glass