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    01/08/1999 Rome, GA 45 203 /    
    Description: It was the jumpers second jump of the day, both clear and pulls from 3,500 feet. The jumper had recently had his equipment converted from aleg-mounted throw-out pilot chute to one located at the bottom of the container. He had no problems deploying his pilot chute on the first jump. The jumper was unable to locate the pilot chute handle on the second jump. It was later found stuffed down inside the Spandex pocket. The reserve ripcord and cutway handles had not been pulled. A portion of the pilot chute bridle had been pulled out in an apparent effort to the the main pilot chute. The reserve pilot chute was out but this is likely to have occurred on impact. The equipment was only examined briefly before local police to it to the FAA. A rigger who requested the gear at the request of the FAA reported the reserve container may have partially opened in freefall. Such a scenario would have complicated Wagner's decision making.
    Name James Benedict