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    17/07/1999 Cedar Valley, UT FFCOL 46 3300 Y/?    
    Description: The deceased was a reserve-side JM on an AFF Level 1 skydive. When the student opened, she was kicked in the face and knocked unconscious. She was wearing a frap hat. Her CYPRES fired appropriately and deployed a good reserve. She never regained consciousness and hit a rock on landing, causing severe chest trauma. The rock in question was the only one for hundreds of yards around. Later review of a videotape of the incident by the Country Sheriff's office indicates that her neck was probably broken when the students foot hit her face. The cardiac damage may have been caused at that time, or on landing; there is no conclusive evidence.
    Lessons:Without a CYPRES, this jumper would have had no chance of surviving this accident. While AFF jumpmasters are advised not to wear full face helmets (ya can't smile at the student!), a frap hat provides minimal protection, and in fact, can actually concentrate the force of impact onto smaller areas of the skull -- exactly what a helmet shouldn't do. A larger reserve might have helped, too.
    Name Janet Gayler