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    13/08/1999 Quincy, IL LOWT?,LAND? 39 190 ?/?    
    Description: The deceased was spotted in a field a ways away from the main landing areas by jumpers on another load. He was found to have landed under what was probably a properly opened main canopy, about 20 feet away from the point of impact. A low turn is a likely suspect, but without any witnesses or corroborating evidence, it may be very hard to find out what happened. He was jumping a Viper at a moderate-to-high wingloading, and did not jump that often. The 190 jumps he had made were over 5 years. The winds that day were very high, and the DZ was unfamiliar to him.

    From rec.skydiving: "According to the short form report of the pathologist's results, he died of severe thoracic trauma and lasted less than five minutes after impact. As I understand it, the extent of his injuries was such that immediate medical attention may not have saved him. The broken femur didn't help, but it wasn't the cause of death. From what I can gather, he impacted knees first at a speed consistent with an unflared landing in a turn. His chest strap and helmet were removed, and he wasn't wearing gloves. Civilians who arrived on the scene first said that he seemed to have removed his rig, taken off his helmet and gloves, laid down and died, but a closer look showed that he likely pulled off his helmet and clawed out of his harness as he succumbed to his injuries. "

    Lessons:Landing out of a main landing area is always a more hazardous landing, straight in approaches are frequently prudent, as there may be unseen obstacles and you will be without your usual altitude references. As with many incidents, there were multiple causal factors including an infrequent jumping history, an off-DZ landing, a fast canopy, high winds, and an unfamiliar DZ.
    Name Jerry Carmicle