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    06/08/1996 Quincy, IL CCOL,LOWT 47 387 Y/?    
    Description: There was a canopy collision after a 4 way that the deceased was videoing. The collision was handled well, and Jim had the collapsed canopy of another jumper wrapped on his legs, but under control. Witnesses reported that he initiated a sharp turn into the wind below 20 feet. It is not known why he waited until then to turn (I've never seen him do a hook turn). It may have been a dropped toggle or he may have been avoiding an obstacle that he didn't previously see, we will never know. He did not survive the landing. Weak tracking may have been a factor, though they really haven't laid blame. He was jumping a Triathlon 160, and the canopy he was wrapped in was a Sabre 190. He may have had a Sentinel AAD, though this s not strictly relevant to this accident.
    Lessons:A camera at an unfamiliar DZ, followed by a canopy collision. Frequently more than one thing goes wrong before an accident occurs. It's important for a cameraman to have clear air when openning, typically, dumping a little high and in the middle is a good plan.
    Name Jim Hammock