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    23/02/2005 Skydive Arizona, AZ MAL 42 163 Y/Y 90 #1501419
    Description: The jumper had an uneventful solo skydive but during deployment, the pilot chute passed through the A/B lines on the right hand side of the canopy. He attempted to cutaway, but the cable was not pulled far enough and only one side of the risers released. The partially released canopy started to spin and the jumper continued to fall until approximately 100 feet when he activated his reserve, but there was not sufficient altitude for it to deploy fully.
    Lessons:Perform regular maintainence on your equipment to ensure that it will function as designed. Ensure that the cutaway handle is pulled to its full extension. Make sure you have a landable canopy above your head by deploying your reserve, even if you have not or can not release your main, with sufficient altitude for it to inflate fully.
    Name Kazuhiko Matsubara