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    12/01/1997 Elberta, AL CCOL 39 625 ?/N    
    Description: The collision was on the day's fourth attempt at an Alabama state record. The deceased was in the base of a planned 39 way (which did not complete). He collided with another jumper at an altitute of approximately 150 - 200'. Preliminary witness statements are the deceased was above and slightly behind the other jumper's right side. The deceased made a right turn to final approach and the left side of his canopy struck the right side of the other jumper's canopy. The left side of the deceased's canopy collapsed and he spun violently into the ground, suffering massive internal injuries. He was helicoptered to the trauma center, where he died during surgery. He was jumping a Jedei 136 loaded at roughly 1.7 lb/sqft. He was also wearing a full face helmet. The other jumper's canopy did not deflate and he landed without incident.
    Lessons:On larger RW skydives, it's terribly important to be vigilant for traffic. Far better to land out than to land with less than a whole canopy. Furthermore, perhaps jumping something larger would have given him more room for error. The other jumper was jumping a 160 Triathlon loaded at 1.1lb/ft^2. Very likely, these two jumpers had very different speeds on final approach, and the deceased was forced to turn and avoid. The lower jumper does, however, have right of way. A faster canopy gives less time to react correctly to problems.
    Name Mark Steven Cooper