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    12/08/2000 Ravenna, Italy MAL 35 Y/Y    
    Description: This very experienced skydiver was making a camera jump, filming a student after an exit from 4500m. He had some sort of malfunction on his Stiletto, and either failed to or was unable to cutaway before having to deploy his reserve. The reserve tangled with the main, and he landed with the parachutes in this configuration. The container was a Mirage G3, which has hard cutaway housings. (Soft housings have been known to cause hard-cutaways.) One report indicates the three-rings might not have been routed correctly, with the fabric loop going through the second ring instead of the third; this would produce a pull force approximately 7 times that of normal. He, according to video, apparently tried to cutaway but failed.
    Lessons:Without more information concerning the type of malfunction or the equipment type (soft housings?), it's hard to guess what might have gone wrong. Clearly, cutting away before deploying the reserve is a preferred procedure.
    Name Mauro Tannino