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    16/05/1999 Gardiner, NY MAL 28 160 Y/N    
    Description: He was doing a two way freeflying jump from which he broke off at 6,000' with a pull between 2,500' and 3.000' He was seen by the other jumper to have what appeared to be a good canopy, and others in the air saw the same, though one saw line twists that were actually riser twists. He was spiraling down, possibly working on the line twists (which were relatively minor, only about 15" - 20") He was seen under the main still at 1,500' and below. What is estimated to be about 700 - 1,000' he apparently cut away. Three seconds later the reserve pilot chute and free bag were seen deploying and some say they saw the reserve out, others don't, but all agree that it was coming out when he disappeared into the trees which are about 80' or so high in that immediate area. The reserve ripcord was not found. The CYPRES fired, but he was going too slow for it to fire immediately after he cut away. He had no RSL which would likely have changed things on this one. All brakes were still in place. He died later at a local hospital of injuries sustained during landing. He was initially trained with a two-handled emergency procedure.
    Lessons:This is an example of when an RSL could have made a difference, even though he had a working AAD. Line twists, particularly with smaller faster canopies can be a more serious event than they have been in the past with larger, more docile parachutes.
    Name Robert Atkinson