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    12/06/1997 Skydive Chicago, IL LOWT 44 3000 ?/?    
    Description: Witnesses said the deceased appeared to be groping for his right toggle shortly after making a 90 degree turn to final. Review of video footage from his camera shows him searching for the toggle, and slow motion review shows his hand without a toggle in it just prior to landing. After he struck the ground, he was awake and apologizing, saying he lost a toggle. It was obvious to those on the scene that he was injured badly. He passed away a few hours later in the hospital from internal injuries. This jumper was well known for bringing his dog, Pud, along on over 60 skydives. Pud was not on this load, and is being taken care of by friends and will be going home to Texas with family.
    Lessons:If you *do* lose a toggle, grabbing rear risers is perhaps a better choice of action than searching for a toggle, but either way, prepare for a pretty bad landing if you've turned to build up speed!
    Name Robin Wilcox