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    09/10/1996 Shreveport, LA LOWT 31 650 ?/?    
    Description: The deceased was flying a Stilleto loaded at 1.5 lb/ft^2, and got it into line twists at 350ft. which induced a violent spin resulting in canopy and pilot hitting the ground at the same time. The impact was not survivable. Reports indicate that turbulence was not likely to be a factor, but rather just extreme toggle input.
    Lessons:Soon, I'll just be able to cut and paste these things. Let's be careful out there! I classified this as a low turn because (unless turbulence was a major player) performing turns hard enough to get yourself into line twists so low that you can't either get out of 'em or cutaway is in the same class as turning so low you can't finish the turn before you impact.
    Name Rodney Porter