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    23/02/1996 DeLand, FL LOWT 27 1000 ?/?    
    Description: Deceased made a low turn on landing, failed to flare his stilleto and broke both legs, possibly pelvis, and also had severe head trama. He was in a coma and died a 3 days later. Current hypothesis is that he failed to flare because he was distracted, perhaps trying to avoid someone on the ground. However, there were no canopies in the air near him, and the ground was largely clear. This was on a 100-way skydive.
    Lessons:A mistake whilst performing a low turn to landing can kill you. Think carefuly before attempting intentionally, and be aware not to do one accidently. Having to avoid someone unexpectedly (along with dropping a riser, losing a toggle, or not seeing an obstacle) are all part of what MUST not happen when performing a hook turn, or else an incident like the above can happen. It's not just avoiding turning too low - you must not make any other mistakes either! A full explantion may never be known. Obviously, it's better to land facing the wrong way, than whilst still in a turn. AAD not relevant - he had a good canopy.
    Name Scott Gadway