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    26/03/1998 Titusville, FL LOWT 27 3300 NA/NA    
    Description: At a few hundred feet above the ground, he flew across the wind line, downwind of the landing area and did his customary 270 degree diving hook turn, with a planned turf swoop 30 degrees off the wind line. Witnesses would later report that his turn completion was low, but not the lowest they've seen and, survivable - if he perceived the problem right away. His downward sink was too fast, his toggle inputs too little, too late. Turbulance or downdrafts may have been a complicating factor. His hardshell helmet was cracked in two, and suffered significant internal injuries. He was jumping a Jedei loaded at around 1.85. (195lbs w/o gear under a 120). He sucumbed to these injuries about 1 week later. His team was training to compete for the Canadian National Team slot for this year's Nationals. He started jumping in the early '90's and was a Tandem Master, Instructor, and Rigger.
    Lessons:Jumping a highly loaded canopy and chosing do to low turns to final approach add significant risks. Any error, jumper induced (lost toggle, too low) or not (turbulance, thermals), can result in a fatal accident. Be aware of the risks; even extreme currency and experience can be insufficient to ensure survival.
    Name Shawn Lemyre