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    07/12/1997 South Pole, Antartica EXC,NOP 100 N/?    
    Description: 6 people were exiting a twin otter over the south pole. 2 were a tandem pair, and the remainder did a four way. Three of the 4 on the four-way died from impact. One of those who died had deployed his main, but probably too low for inflation. The deceased were from Washington USA, Ohio USA and Australia. All wore clothing to protect from the cold. Exit altitude was 18300MSL, 8500AGL, with a field elevation therefore of 9800MSL. Oxygen was available on the flight up, but the 3 deceased declined to use it. Weather conditions were excellent, and all jumpers had altimeters.
    Lessons:It seems likely on this exceptional skydive that a serious misjudgment of altitude occured. Without the normal ground references for altitude and perhaps mis-set altimeters, it is entirely possible the group simply lost altitude awareness. Hypoxia may also be a significant additional factor. Much of this is speciulation, and awaits further information.
    Name Steve Mulholland